Suzuki Chromatic Harmonicas

Suzuki Chromatic Harmonicas

Suzuki Chromatic Harmonicas


You can confidently look to Suzuki for the most accurately made and beautifly crafted instruments. This is because Suzuki's high-tech factory has the most innovative and precise harmonica manufacturing machinery in the world. They ensure this by designing and building their own original machines from scratch.

Suzuki manufactures everything, from moulding the basic parts to machining, assembly, and quality control, and they do it all 'in house'. This gives them complete control of all aspects of construction to ensure the highest quality instruments.

However, the machines would be nothing without to right people to operate them. Suzuki has a team of craftsman, not factory workers. Their staff are passionate about music; in fact many of them are musicians themselves.

Most significantly, the inspiration behind their instruments comes from the very top. Their founder Mr. Manji Suzuki - who started the company with a single harmonica in 1953. His enduring passion for the instrument, ensures Suzuki brings you the best harmonicas in the world.




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