The Tsunami Microphone

The Tsunami microphone is a throw-back to the old Strnad harmonica pick-up. We haven't reproduced this instrument to take credit for it's design, we simply just wanted to bring it back to life the only way we knew how. The old Strnad was a great microphone, and when the company folded, the instrument vanished from existence. We have done what we could to respectfully recreate this wonderful piece with some slight differences from the original. We hope that if you try one, you'll see why we wanted to bring it back.

Below you will find three different sizes.

The Diatonic Microphone is for your 10 hole diatonic harmonica. It will fit most harmonicas without odd shaped covers. Hohner's Thunderbird will most likely not fit without some adjustment. Seydel's Low Tuned harmonicas may also have an issue clearing the mouth, as their covers are extremely deep.

The Tsunami 12 is for your 12 hole chromatic harmonica. This will fit almost all 12 hole chromatic harmonicas. Hohner's CX12 may have an issue clearing the mouth however.

The Tsunami 16 is for 16 hole chromatic harmonicas. At this time we are unaware of any 16 hole chromatic that this will not work with.

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